Поговори с ней Hable Con Ella

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Year -
Director - Pedro Almodovar
Duration ≈ 109 min
Categories Drama
A journalist Marco grieving for a love affair that ended ten years' ago, falls in love with Lydia, a bullfighter also on the rebound. Benigno, a nurse, dedicates his life to his only patient, a young dancer in a coma as a result of an accident four years' before; he talks to her, reads to her, holds photographs in front of her closed eyes. When Lydia is brought comatose to the hospital where Benigno works, he and Marco become friendly, and the nurse encourages the journalist to talk to her and hope for a miracle./
Хавьер Камара, Дарио Грандинетти, Росарио Флорес, Леонор Уотлинг, Джеральдин Чаплин
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